A network of free culture aware educators in art, music and design education

Eightycolumn is a network of artists, musicians and designers using, teaching, learning, writing free software as part of their practice. 

We encourage the exchange of practical information, hacks and tips, course material, requests for feedback and help, presentations of works, announcements of relevant workshops, lectures, festivals. Our mailing list is also meant as a place for reflecting on the practice and teaching of music, art and design within and beyond free culture.

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Over the last few years we have seen a growing attention for Free Culture and Free, Libre and Open Source software within art education but these efforts remain often linked to the energy of individual teachers or even students. This network is an attempt to connect people, institutions, experiences and course-content.

A first meeting took place in Madrid in 2013. A second meeting took place on 5th April 2014 in Leipzig at the occasion of the Libre Graphics Meeting: <http://libregraphicsmeeting.org>

Educators, teachers and learners interested in the link between free culture and art, music and design education are welcome to join this network. We are part of Eightycolumn and use the <https://we.lurk.org/postorius/lists/80c.we.lurk.org/> as a platform for discussion and communication.


A list of 80c-people interested in education. If you want to add yourself, don't hesitate to edit the page at <https://annuel.framapad.org/p/eightycolumn.net> (site will be updated after 10min). You can find more detailed information on related courses and curriculum below; please update!

Courses and curricula

BA Graphic Communication Design

University of Westminster, London, UK
This well-established and broad-based course aims to encourage your creativity, individuality and personal growth through the study of graphic communication design. The emphasis is on the application of skills to develop ideas and present information in ways that are engaging, meaningful, useful and worthwhile. You will be encouraged to develop your awareness and understanding of the social contexts and environmental responsibilities of design, so that you can identify communication strategies that will enrich people’s lives by enabling them to be better informed about the world in which they live. You will learn to engage audiences through imaginative and creative design solutions that may challenge, persuade, shock, provoke, excite and entertain, but always aim to inform.
People: Larisa Blazic (80c)
Keywords: Mixed (small part FLOSS), Authorship and Interaction
Level: BA
Language: EN

Tangible Interaction

Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule, Belin, Germany
Year TBC
People: Brendan Howell
Keywords: FLOSS
Level: BA
Language: GER

MA in Interactive Media: Critical Theory & Practice

Goldsmiths, University of London, London, UK
Year TBC
People: Graham Harwood 
Keywords: FLOSS lab
Level: MA
Language: EN

Course: Libre Graphics

ERG, Brussels, Belgium
People: Ludivine Loiseau  (80c)
Level: BA

Course: Ustensiles numériques

ERG, Brussels, Belgium
Initiation aux logiciels et à la culture libres, développer une curiosité pour trouver de nouveaux outils, détourner des outils existants, par le biais du texte: le texte comme contenu, le texte comme typographie, le texte comme interface. On y manipulera des objets textes, images, audio, vidéo par le texte dans des modules courts et ludiques adaptés aux envies et aux pratiques des étudiants. Aucun pré-requis en programmation à avoir, si ce n’est de ne pas avoir peur de mettre les mains dans la matière digitale; le but n’étant pas de former des programmeurs mais plutôt des praticiens informés et sensibles aux outils qu’ils utilisent.
People: Stéphanie Vilayphiou  (80c)
Keywords: Free Culture, Free Libre and Open Source software, design, tools, code
Level: BA
Language: FR

Diseño multimedia

Escuela de Comunicación audiovisual La Metro 
People: Lila Pagola
Level: ?
Language: ES


People: Olivier Meunier, Julien Deswaef (80c)
Keywords: Free Culture, Free Libre and Open Source software, tools, code


ERG, Brussels, Belgium
La plupart des auteurs contemporains (artistes, designers, cinéastes, écrivains), créent leur oeuvres à l’aide d’ordinateurs. Ils utilisent les logiciels par défaut, les mêmes outils que tout le monde utilise. Bien que les logiciels sont profondément ancrées dans notre pratique quotidienne, nous ne pouvons pas nous permettre de les ignorer comme un mal ennuyeux mais nécessaire, ni nous laisser envoûter par leur complexité infinie. Imaginez que ils seraient des outils à penser, des instruments à développer l’imagination, qui pourraient produire des nouvelles idées?
People: Femke Snelting (80c)
Keywords: FLOSS, Free Culture, tools
Level: BA
Language: FR/EN


La Cambre, Brussels, Belgium
People: Pierre Huyghebaert (80c)
Keywords: Mixed (part FLOSS)
Level: BA
Language: FR

Arts numériques

La Cambre, Brussels, Belgium
People: Alexandre Leray (80c)
Keywords: Mixed (part FLOSS), print design, web design
Level: BA

Introduction to digital tools

Porto, Portugal
People: Ricardo Lafuente
Keywords: 2D design software, print, bitmap, vector

Tais-toi et code

ESA le 75, Brussels, Belgium
People: Lionel Maes, Ronan Deriez
Keywords: web design, jquery
Level: BA
Language: FR

Open Source Minor

Willem De Kooning Academie, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2013-to date
At the turn of the 21st century, free and open source software has successfully demonstrated the impact of novel ways of sharing, publishing and collaborating online. As best exemplified by the Linux software project, free and open source software relies on the free sharing and complete openness of a project where even underlying technical formula and blueprints are public and can be copied, reused and adapted. 
While these methods, its tools, standards and the philosophy behind it are now inspiring the many facets of art and design, the Willem de Kooning Academie is putting out a call for a new generation of artists and designers who will explore with us the impact of the open source mindset on a whole new range of exciting social, commercial and autonomous practices.
People: Aymeric Mansoux + Aldje van Meer + Deanna Herst

Interactief Media Ontwerpen

KABK, The Hague, The Netherlands
People: Eric Schrijver
Language: NL
Keywords: Mixed (part FLOSS) ?

Grafica Libre

Arte Diez, Madrid, Spain
People: Ana García Angulo

Master Media Design & Communication

Piet Zwart Institute, Hogeschool Rotterdam, The Netherlands
2003 to date
The Piet Zwart Institute Master Media Design & Communication (Lens-Based / Networked) is an intensive project-based research degree that will equip you to create a distinctive voice as an artist/designer in the contemporary media landscape.
The course encourages students to develop distinctive creative visions that explore the new possibilities released by the friction between media forms, and to develop practice-based research that critically explores the historical gaps between photography, cinema, animation, mobile media, information systems and technological networks in order.
People: Aymeric Mansoux  (80c), Michael Murtaugh
Language: EN
Keywords: Free Culture, Free, Libre, Open Source software, programming, media art, net art

Type Specimens Workshop

Département Communication Visuelle – Haute école d’art et de design, Genève, Switzerland
People: Manuel Schmalstieg
Language: FR

Activ Design: école numérique du libre

Promeut  une méthode de développement libre de la créativité. Proposant des  stages courts d'initiation ou de perfectionnement et des formations  longues à l'année pour permettre l'acquisition d'un niveau de compétence  complet. Le centre est entièrement dédié aux applications métiers basés  sur des solutions libres et s'adressent à toutes personnes désirant une  augmentation de compétences ou simplement pour les étudiants désirant  en acquérir.
People: Cedric Gémy, Elisa de Castro Guerra
Level: N/A
Language: FR

Relearn Summerschool

OSP/Constant Variable, Brussels, Belgium
Relearn is a temporary artschool without teachers or rather it has as many teachers as it has participants. It is about sharing and trying Free Culture practices, and is entirely done with Free, Libre and Open Source software. Relearn takes place in Variable, a collectively run F/LOSS Arts Lab in Brussels. It starts from the idea that tools are increasingly mediated by software and the algorithmic and legal dynamics that constraint and shape its use. Reconnecting to the physical and digital material of those tools is a means of (re)asserting ownership and ensuring active participation in the future of our work practices.
A first summerschool was organised by OSP in August 2013. During five days, 40 people from all over the world gathered to learn from each other about experimental design. From 6-11 July 2014 a second edition will take place. This time Relearn expands and includes Libre video, sound, experimental literature, typography and physical objects. OSP, FLAT, Constant and other inhabitants of Variable are currently preparing an intense programme of 5 interconnecting learning situations.
People: OSP (80c) & many more
Level: N/A
Language: EN (FR/NL)

404: School not found

Intermediae, Madrid, Spain
People: Jara Rocha
Level: N/A
Language: ES

Arts Numériques

ESA ARTS², Mons, Belgium
People: Michel Cleempoel, François Zajéga, Martin Waroux, Olivier Di Stefano...
Keywords: programming, media art, net art, web design, jquery, print design, Interaction...
Level: BA + MA
Language: FR

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